Samuel Smith’s was the first brewery to register with The Vegan Society - we did so in January 1998.


The following beers and ciders are registered with The Vegan Society and are entirely free of animal involvement, whether for the purposes of ingredients or animal testing.


All the suppliers of our high quality raw material ingredients must also meet these criteria.

Link to The Vegan Society website


Organic Pale Ale

Nut Brown Ale

India Ale

Winter Welcome Ale

Organic Chocolate Stout

Taddy Porter

Oatmeal Stout

Imperial Stout

Sovereign Bitter (available on draught only)

Extra Stout (available on draught only)


Wheat Beer

Organic Wheat Beer (available on draught only)






Pure Brewed Organic Lager

Alpine Lager (available on draught only)

Taddy Lager (available on draught only)


Fruit Beers

Organic Cherry Fruit Beer

Organic Strawberry Fruit Beer

Organic Raspberry Fruit Beer

Organic Apricot Fruit Beer



Organic Cider

Cider Reserve (available on draught only)